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Ante Bozic-Kudric

Technical Producer

Ante Božić-Kudrić (born in Split, Croatia 1990) is a composer and pianist.He gained elementary and secondary music education in the music school “Josip Hatze” in Split in the class of professor Valentina Štrbac-Čičerić.He graduated his piano education from the Academy of Music of the University of Zagreb in the class of Ante Milić in 2012.

He has won awards at several competitions for young pianists in Croatia.During his schooling he attended seminars and distinguished pedagogues (Valdma, Kämmerling, Simone, Bogino, Krpan, Inđić).In addition to composing after his studies, he performed on numerous concerts, he has worked as piano accompanist in the ballet studio and with singers, as a piano teacher both in school and in private, and as piano accompanist for the National Theatre in Split for operas and musicals, also performing with the orchestra.

From 2014 Ante is actively engaged in composition.He composed music for the animated short film “From the Depths” in 2014.It won the award for Best Animated Short Film of the children’s jury in 2014 at the Olympia International Film Festival.

He composed his first major work in 2014 “Suite for two Violins and Piano” which had its premiere in the small Lisniski Hall in Zagreb in 2015.With the commision from the Dutch Grieg Piano Duo in 2018 he composed his “Rhapsody for Piano Duet” which was premiered by the Grieg Piano Duo at the Piano Loop Festival in 2019 in Split. Of his smaller works there is a song “Oblak” for tenor or soprano on the text of Dobriša Cesarić, two colorful vocalizes for soprano, Serenade and Minuet for the double bass. In 2019 he composed Album for the Young which consists of 72 progressive pieces of difficulty intended for the young piano players as well as players that are on intermediate and advanced level of playing.