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Mark Smulian

About MindHarp TeamTuning

Following 25 years of peace-building and team-building work (through the medium of music) and 40 years as a professional musician, co-founder Mark Smulian speaks from extensive experience and knowledge. 

The founder of the world’s first Palestinian/Israeli band, Mark overcame every obstacle imaginable to create a internationally touring, successful outfit. This life-forming and life-changing experience sowed the seeds of the insight that led to the evolution of the system that underpins this programme: The Harmonic Codes.

With the growth of interest from neuro-scientists and the ever-increasing availability of brain-scanning, the empirical evidence has demonstrated the centrality of ‘music’ to all homo sapiens. All of us are innately hard-wired to respond to music. It is now broadly accepted that music’s role in human evolution is to engender social cohesion: To help us function better together and relate more effectively with each other.

These insights and life experiences led to fertile discussions with business consultant and musician, Stewart Redpath. After 25 years in corporate life with global businesses like Orange Telecom, Lloyds Bank, Akzo Nobel and BUPA International, Stewart had seen many team-building and training fads come and go.

Inspired by Mark and the Harmonic Codes, they both set about evolving the ‘Practice’ of MindHarp and developing a tool that enables any person to experience playing and making meaningful music. Moreover, a tool that 2 or more people can use to interact with.

Fired by a deep commitment to social purpose they introduced MindHarp as a highly effective therapeutic tool for people with degenerative brain disease/disorders. This won them national recognition in 2019. They have now turned their focus to using MindHarp for Team Building as well as a helpful tool for self-care and well-being.

Program Notes

How is it Different?

MindHarp Team Tuning aims to achieve what many corporate training events, or ‘away days’ fail to achieve which is to both engage and stimulate participants AND leave lasting performance improvement. 

It is about building understanding and awareness of, and strengthening, very specific emotional skills and behaviours. These are what we call the Harmonic Codes and are the skills and behaviours that musicians have to employ to deliver memorable music performances. Because they are not musical/technical skills, they are readily accessible to everyone. 

How is it Delivered?

Team Tuning is intellectually stimulating, accessible and fun. It can also be delivered remotely via videoconferencing. In Team Tuning you will:

Learn about the Harmonic Codes and their origins

Learn about and play the MindHarp tool (iOS App)

Practice activities and exercises to deepen your connection with the Harmonic Codes for lasting change

Have options for follow-up Practice and Coaching Sessions and

Explore options for Monitoring and Measurement with ‘HCI’ (Harmonic Codes Index), survey-based feedback to monitor implementation and observed changes over time

The MindHarp

Team Tuning is NOT theory. It is all about practice. And the real understandings of Team Tuning emerge when you do as the musicians do – play music together! 

This is made possible for non-musicians by the MindHarp, a unique and totally original invention that enables anyone to engage creatively and meaningfully with music…and without any prior knowledge or skill in music-making or musicianship.

It’s easy, accessible and fun with the added benefits of stimulating calm, mental equilibrium and creativity.