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Ne Myo Aung

Ne Myo Aung was born in Tamu but continued his studies in Yangon, where he gained a diploma in Computer Art. His interest in Sandaya (playing western piano in Myanmar Traditional music) studies led him to study piano and other music fields at the Gitameit Music Center, with artists as U Moe Naing and Kit Young; Sandaya U Khin Hla and Sandaya U Thet Oo. He has performed as a pianist, composer and singer locally and internationally. 

His interest turned toward the archiving and preservation of traditional music in Myanmar in various ways, including the transfer with Chris Miller of almost 3000 Myanmar 78 rpm records into digital format, and as interviewer, cameraman and editor of the music and dance of over 40 elderly musicians in Yangon and across the Burmese countryside. 

While teaching piano at the Gitameit Music Centre he received the Fulbright award for study at the University of Washington- the first prize of its kind in the art studies to a Burmese. He here completed an MA degree in Ethnomusicology.  He was selected as a musical advisor of Myanmar traditional music for C ASEAN Consonant, a traditional orchestra which was founded by 10 ASEAN musicians. 

Ne Myo Aung is currently working as a piano instructor and coordinates the Teaching Artist Program (TAP), a joint program offered by Gitameit Music Center and University of Washington.