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The Architects of Music AND Virtual Concert Halls are presenting the first film in a series of audio and audio/visual programs designed to help listeners of all ages gain a deeper appreciation of classical music.

When most people think about the basic elements of music they will mention harmony, melody and rhythm as the basic building blocks of music. They are but one important element is left out: the form, structure or architecture great composers use to build their masterpieces.

Therefore, the goal of the Architects of Music is to show how the greatest classical composers went about creating their music.

People Involved

Graphic And Video Designer

General Producer: Steve Robinson
Writer, host, pianist: Lawrence Rapchak

Steve conceived the idea for this series. He oversees Larry’s studio sessions, edits the sessions and produces the final product.

Steve is a veteran radio station manager, producer and executive producer. He has held senior management positions with numerous American radio stations, including WFMT and the WFMT Radio Network/Chicago, WBUR/Boston, WGBH/Boston, WCRB/Boston, KPFA/Berkeley, WBGO/Newark, Vermont Public Radio and Nebraska Public Radio Network. Robinson served as general manager of the statewide Nebraska Public Radio Network (1990-2000) and WFMT and the WFMT Radio Network from July 2000 until October 2016. Two of Steve Robinson’s most important initiatives at the WFMT Radio Network were the creation


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