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Drama Queen graphics

Drama Queen creates customized graphic designs for the stage. We transform our designs into posters, programs, postcards, tees or whatever you need.
You watch a trailer before buying a movie ticket.
You read a dust jacket before buying a book.
So how does Jane Q. Audience know that your stage production is right for her?
Reviews and word-of-mouth matter, but her decision is also influenced by what she sees: posters, signs, newspaper ads, brochures, and web site.
Theater publicity does more than simply advertise your show. It creates an identity for your production. It communicates the quality of your show. (In fancy advertising talk, we call it ‘branding’.)
Visual drama demands attention and gets you noticed.
With theaters competing harder than ever for audiences, you need to stand out. Our designs give you the edge.
Plus…you’ll have one less thing to do.
Leave the publicity to the pros. It will get done and look great. Best of all, you won’t need to hunt down any more art students!
What’s more, posters and programs give the cast and crew something to hold when the show is a memory. (sniff)
And let’s face it, you can never have too many tee shirts!