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A Smart Investment in Yourself AND Your Students

Lessons with an artist-teacher are expensive, with uncertain takeaways or resources to sustain your gains in training. Get started with Entrada and invest in yourself–for your own advancement and for your students’ development. Become fearless at solving technical problems and gain musical inspiration on pieces you play and teach.

Playing the piano should feel easy. And learning healthful, effective movement should be easy, too. Arpeggios, trills, tremolos, octaves, repeated chords, scales, pedaling…you can learn how to play and teach these elements effortlessly, with confidence.

Most musicians strive to reach their full potential. With Skills, Entrada breaks down challenges into manageable lessons. Masterclass features in-depth tutorials on popular repertoire you play and teach. Insights on intriguing spots in repertoire are filmed and released regularly, based on your questions and requests. Subscribers to Entrada Teacher also receive the Teaching Guide, a comprehensive Glossary, and Entrada Studio, an innovative studio management tool that includes a dedicated homepage.

You’ll be empowered to teach more difficult repertoire, do more teaching and less correcting, and guide your students to play more expressively as you gain a systematic method and vocabulary to play and teach. Watch your students become more confident and willing to take more risks (and practice!) as you guide them to discover easier choreography of movement that is both injury-preventive and allows for greater expression.

At Entrada, you’ve got a concert pianist as your guide.