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Hunter Mill Music Studio

The Hunter Mill Music Studio was established in 1999 by two Russian-born and trained classical musicians, Anna Ouspenskaya and Igor Zubkovsky. We have been working for years with students of different ages, various goals, from elementary through high school, college students and graduates, young professionals, and chamber ensemble groups.


In our Studio we provide nurturing environment for students’ personal growth, we help them learn technical skills necessary to be confident players, but more importantly, we teach them the art of communicating and expression through musical language.


We teach our students wide variety of repertory, both solo and in chamber music collaboration; stage presence and ability to speak publicly; artistic etiquette; discipline; thoughtful and intelligent approach to practicing; supporting subjects such as music theory and history. Our students participate in numerous performances in varied settings: recitals, festivals, competitions, presentations, skill tests, TV shows, professional recording sessions. They perform on stages as contrasting as retirement communities and Carnegie Hall or Kennedy Center.


We hope to send our students off with true life-long love for musical arts and strong skills which will allow them to continue to enjoy making music and bringing joy to themselves and others.


Here you will find useful information about our teachers, current students and graduates, links to performances, Studio study materials, News, our calendar, useful articles and videos, links to fun computer games, and much more.