Virtual Concert Halls

TurnUp Multimedia Festival

We want to TURN UP the volume and visibility of artists from underrepresented groups in music, art, and technology. We promote Equality, Culture-Connecting, and Interdisciplinary Collaboration. We encourage partnership between different fields, cultures, and genders. To accomplish these goals, TURN UP includes multiple lectures, presentations, and master classes from leading artists from different fields, different circumstances, and different geographic areas, and culminates with three multimedia concerts that includes the works of select artists.

Inspired and started by the vibrant and creative community of Austin, TX and expanded by passionate multimedia artists in Tucson, AZ, TURN UP promotes the works of artists from different cultures, classes, and backgrounds. Our project is a multimedia, interdisciplinary music and arts festival committed to cultural connections, collaborative creation, and inclusive practices. We advocate gender equality because we recognize women/femme artists are underrepresented in nearly every type of art related to technology. We promote racial equality because we believe art has no borders and no limitations. Above all, we present high-quality, professional multimedia art that transcends canonical classification, gender norms, racial stereotypes, interdisciplinary challenges, and geographic boundaries.

We will TURN UP the visibility of underrepresented artists and bring true equality to art and technology.