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Jeremiah Wentz

Graphic And Web Designer

Jeremiah Wentz grew up outside Baltimore, went to college in Oklahoma, and lived in Virginia and West Virginia for 13 years before finally settling with his family in North Carolina. He has over 15 years experience in the multi-media marketing and graphic design industry, including helping many companies take their first major steps into the world of the internet and integrated marketing.

In addition to running 924design, Jeremiah currently serves as the Director of Digital Marketing & Promotions of a leading homeschooling company. He enjoys playing the guitar, just about any kind of sport, likes ice cream a little too much, and enjoys spending time with his wife and four children, who are all destined to the rule the world one day. In his spare time, you can find Jeremiah either in front of his computer or at the local gym. Except he’s never at the gym. So … try the computer.

Jeremiah has tread upon all five corners of the earth, dreaming deeply and living with reckless, skillful abandon. His voice is like thunder and his touch like a silvery drop of dew, freshly laid upon the grass. He is highly sought for his wisdom, strength, humility and skin samples. He has great hair and a dazzling smile, like Audrey Hepburn kissing a bear. He is strong like daffodil, yet tender like ox. “When you’re raised in the deepest part of the darkest jungle, you can’t help but smell like adventure.”

…we don’t really know what that means. Didn’t expect you to get this far. Terrible at writing your own bios and all that. *clears throat*

Jeremiah also authored the critically-ignored webcomic Chicken & Milk, which, at its heyday, had literally tens of readers worldwide.