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Pre-recorded Accompaniments

Our Streaming Services

We will accommodate and host an unlimited number of participants for your performing arts program: school, studio, summer camp.

We accommodate your organization’s live streaming mission, purposes, and program.

We pull together your presenters into continuous live streaming productions, by joining their presentations LIVE from their locations worldwide.

We stream your live public events simultaneously to all major platforms:

Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, Twitch, among others, or to a platform of your choice. We can also accommodate privately viewed events.

Virtual Receptions

We bring your entire audience of friends, supporters, and fans together to meet and socialize with each other!

We design the spaces to host your virtual receptions and live gatherings, according to your needs and desires. Your invitees join together in a vast and beautiful virtual “mansion” where people congregate and interact through many different channels.

We organize and host your performing arts education program in a virtual space created specifically to accommodate your curriculum and needs. We design a virtual “campus” which hosts your teachers, administrators, and participants, and provides them with communication tools they need.

We train your organization to produce these events yourself. Read more

Your invitees freely move at the click of a mouse, from one virtual parlor or “living room” to another, while joining various groups for discussions. Conversations flow, people make new friends, reconnect with old friends and relatives from around the world! Just as it’s done in person, all while safe at home and observing social distancing! Your event participants and attendees


What’s included in our Production Package?


1. Complete packages of Instructional Materials: written, PowerPoint, video tutorials. Our Instructions are specifically tailored to guide and prepare your participants for performing their assigned roles in the program, i.e. performers, judges, host(s), master-class instructors, interviewers, monitors, and others.

2. Comprehensive personalized instruction and optimization of individual sound/video set-ups for each participant. Provided by highly qualified professional musicians, trained for sound and video engineering with specific focus on live streaming/broadcasting of music video.

3. We prepare each of your participants through individual tech-checks, video-and sound-check sessions. Each participant receives a personal live instruction session with our broadcasters, including “mock air time”. In case of unexpected major technical difficulties a participant or VCHS may request additional tech session time. Tech and sound/video production support for all participants throughout the entire process (hotline phone, chat, emails)

4. Preparation of all displayed materials based on requests from the client. We will format and organize your information on banners, tickers and pop-ups; we will prepare your logos, overlays, and other branding visuals, for inclusion during the broadcast. 

5. Consulting the Presenter organization or individual on preparing the script for the program/show.


1. “Greenroom” tech/sound/video proofing, support, and check-up for each participant prior to entering Broadcast Studio.

2. Stream management of the broadcast is provided in real time by professional musicians trained as stream/broadcast Producers.

3. Display of requested visual and textual information during the broadcast.

4. Connection and streaming to platforms of client’s choice (such as YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Periscope, up to 4). Please inquire regarding our ability to broadcast to other specific platforms.

5. All produced shows are broadcast through at least one VCHS platform, in addition to platforms of client’s choice.

Contact us for more info and pricing.

Optional/Additional services


We can provide a trained host for client’s event. Please inquire what particular types of interview, announcements, etc. we can incorporate into our production of your event. If you wish to produce a scripted show which includes interviews, comments, etc., and to have your own host, we can offer:

  • Script preparation and vetting
  • Training of your host


All productions are recorded.
For public productions: the show can be downloaded from streaming platforms (YouTube, Facebook, and similar) at no extra charge. We can provide participants with edited copies of our internal recordings of their own performance during the show (fees associated). For private productions: participants can request from us copies of their own performances only (fees associated). A client organization can request a copy of our internal recording of the entire show at no extra charge.

Pre-recorded accompaniments

We provide individualized minus-one accompaniments of pieces written in any genres and periods for all solo instruments as well as for voice. We will record the accompaniment according to the participant’s specific tempos, dynamics, etc.

For the catalog of available minus-one recordings please contact us.

Recordings can be produced in audio (mp3) and/or HD video (mp4) format suitable for broadcasting and display.

Fees and services vary depending on individual needs.

Please inquire about tech requirements, the recording process, and fee.

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