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Check the quotes from our clients and participants

“A pleasure to work with, provided everything needed for a successful post.”
Daniel Burrus Global Futurist
Disruptive Innovation Expert
“I so admire what you do- Bravo! The production quality is marvelous and the competition is such a worthy event. The Fleisher post was terrific.”
Beth Levin
concert pianist
"Loved every minute. Thrilled to be with such a talented, POSITIVE group!"
Judy Carmichael
Grammy-nominated jazz pianist and vocalist
“I had a true BLAST! What an honor to be in the same “room” with such an illustrious bunch of people. You are ALL stars!”
Mark Berman
pianist, composer, producer, conductor, music director
"Anna, I felt you did an extraordinary job creating a safe and welcoming space. Your mastery of the technical element is astounding, but your greatest gift is your warm and reassuring manner. This was my very first experience with live-streamed performing and you made it a very positive one. " Thank you!
Brian Ganz
concert pianist
“Anna, you create a unique place, it is an example of resilient artistry and outreach, solidifying binds over space and time. And the team is remarkable. I am proud of having been invited, Bravissimi all, I enjoyed your gifts of music and inspirational talks. ”
Florence Millet
Professor of Piano
"I'm really missing these daily broadcasts, it was a truly amazing experience to see and hear everyone and to be part of that beautiful sharing of thoughts, memories, hearts and music. Thank you so much @Anna Ouspenskaya and your brilliant team for the tireless work throughout the week"
Sonya Lifschitz
Lecturer in Music Performance position at UNSW, Australia
"Thank you all for this wonderful enriching and extraordinary experience. Many thanks to @Anna Ouspenskaya and her amazing team for making it all possible!!"
Ephraim Laor
concert pianist and recording artist
“Thank you Anna and crew, you did an amazing job! ”
Enrique Graf
concert pianist
"My compliments and endless applause to the entire team behind the magnificent concert today. I feel tremendously privileged to have been invited.
Sherry Weinstein
Chair, ICAN Board of Trustees
"A big THANK YOU! That was absolutely perfect! And everything went so smoothly. Thank you ever so much for all your work!" Regards,
Polyphony Arts, UK
"Thank you for conceiving and pulling off this extraordinary contest. I am so happy to have been a judge.
Evangeline Benedetti Cellist
New York Philharmonic
"We love what you are doing. The quality of the productions is amazing and we see the relevance of virtual concerts today more than ever."
Andrew Annacone
Managing Partner, TechNexus Venture Collaborative
"Thank you Anna, and congratulations for this event to be remembered for a long time."
Ananda Sukarlan
Pianist, (Indonesia)
“I just want to thank you for the oportunity to be the part of this special concert and your support of classical music. After the concert, I received positive feedback from an older person who very appreciated this form of online event, despite their poor knowledge of technology”
Tatiana Mikova
composer, London
"I appreciate your commitment to music and young musicians and It is my pleasure to recommend your competition to my students and colleagues."
Kindest Regards from Berlin
From Berlin. Rita D´Arcangelo
Akademie für Musik Berlin