What Do People Say?

Check the quotes from our clients and participants

Wow, some amazing performances and wonderful technology!

– Barbara Kiefer, music educator

Everyone we sent invitations to were very impressed by the organization. We are honored to be a part of such a devoted to the mission of education and music school! Thank you!

– Diana Levy, parent

Thank you so much for bringing the virtual concerts in our community! It is so inspiring and encouraging to see so many young musicians being so dedicated even in times like that!

– Aphrodite Mitsopoulou, judge

You have inspired me to think of ways for my students to continue to grow and share their music.

– Albert Hunt, music educator

Simply amazing and wonderful!

– Yixin Lu, parent

It was concert-hall quality and the performance was brilliant – as if listening to the masters themselves.

– Diana Artemis, audience member

We still have lingering sounds of this evening’s beautiful performance in our ears. It’s very gratifying to think we can listen again, via YouTube, to the power, delicacy and precision you brought with you.

Bill Ewing & Jackie Anderson, Emerson Avenue Salons